Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Time to give revisions a chance for change

I know that it has been a long while since I wrote something new for this blog, even the Zohar one. And my apologies for those who once in a while stopped over to read what became available. However, It will still take quite some time before I will renew my writings for both blogs, especially the Zohar one because I'm in the process of revising a lot of thoughts, written by myself, these days before moving on once again with what I was busy on, and it all takes a tremendous amount of time, and effort, to hopefully do it right, just, and with strength within.

So please, my sincere apologies for those who feel a bit puzzled about the entire situation. Still, it's my hope that you the reader can understand that I'm doing this all on my own together with a full time job. Okay, not so full, as I work a 4/5 shedule, meaning 4 weeks working and the fifth one on leave. Nevertheless, I somehow will perhaps also create some new blogs in the future on Blogger, which will solely take the revised content in full this time to you. Well, it's my understanding that blogs have at least a much better chance of staying online than an own free personal website, a little bit of some Mb space on the net that I pay for that is within the form of a subscription I have with my Internet provider.

And beside that, blogs do give readers a rather easier ease to comment on what a blogger does write, whereas it's my hope that you of course will do so unless you feel that it can only be read in silence that is with due respect. But we all do learn from the moment we are born till our last breath of air we inhale on this tiny spot within the immensity of the universe(s). And it can only be achieved through a sincere and honest interaction between people.

For now, don't be shy to keep stopping over once in a while, and read anew some of the content available, or just visit the website at:
if you can't wait, and feel the need to read what has also already been revised within the section of thoughts and quotes.

Thank you for your time and visit.

Bernadette Schaepdryver


Blogger jim said...

You are always in my thoughts and prayers, B., May G-d bless you and your family always.

I will always be looking in on you and with the greatest pleasure, reading your work, you are certainly one of the best and most natural Kabbalahist I ever met, you are born to it.

Thanks for the past, I look forward to the future, Love and Peace to you always.

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