Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some new created blogs

It has been a long while since I wrote something for my blogs here, but it will still be some while before going on with it I must say. My apologies for that.

Yeah, I haven't found something yet, or rather found in the mean time some other things while at the same updating my website. It has now a lot of info that has been revised, especially in the section of thoughts, articles, quotes, as well as some editorials.

But what's most important is that the entire study of the Book of Esther has been completed and can be read over there when you would want to. It has a new updates section as well of Yisraeli news & Music in a new clothing.

So there is clearly a lot new on offer because all the thoughts minus the last two to this day have not only been revised, but are as good as completely new ones. The revised quotes are going gradually into the same direction as well.

So if you are curious about it, then please feel free to pay my website a visit at:

As always are you most welcome to the site. And when you do, then don't be shy to post a comment in the guestbook as well. Thank You!

Oh yes, before I forget. The calendar section has also been put into a new clothing, which makes it for me a bit easier, and for you the visitor a much more interested tool to work with I hope.
Tho that there is still quite some work to do, then it is progressing steadily and cautiously so to speak. Like many people would say: Haste is in such a work not in anyone's good interest, certainly not myself the student.

But if you for any reason whatsoever wouldn't like to visit my website, then you can also visit me also on these four blogs:

Hope to see you there soon or at the website.

What you will see in three of the blogs over there is everything that already have been updated on the website like quotes, thoughts and the fully done study of the Book of Esther. The only new blog is the one named Eretz Yisrael. On the website itself is there of course a lot more to wander around in.

Enjoy I would say.

And thanks for your visit!!


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